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SectorConnect trusted consultant to Business, Government, NGOs and Communities

Paul Sullivan,  Chief Officer Strategy |  National Transport Commission

Paul hired Carolynne as a Business Consultant initially in 2010. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Connecting and working with others is the only effective way of fixing ‘wicked’ challenges in a complex environment. Carolynne has guided the organisation on a journey, bringing innovative thinking and leading practice to our strategic projects and stakeholder engagement (and even better, makes it fun too).”

Bernard Vicary,  Business Product Director (Horizon) |  World Vision International

“Carolynne joined the PMIS team at World Vision, because of our need for her wealth of change leadership experience. Within a short period of time she established strategy and tools and built a team which today forms the mainstay of our change leadership framework, on the global programme I lead within this large organisation. Change leadership is an incredibly difficult calling and Carolynne was able to impart her skills and knowledge with professionalism and efficiency. She was passionate about building other’s capacity to manage their own change and was successful in doing so within a very complex global organisation. I know Carolynne would make a significant contribution to any project, team or collaboration of which she is a part.”

John S. Hamalian, Lean and Operations Management, General Motors

“Carolynne Wilson was quite simply one of the finest people I got the privilege to meet during more than 20 years at General Motors. Carolynne has a wonderful personality, knows how to engage a large group of stakeholders well, and has the strong ability to lead a team or organisation through comprehensive and complicated change. She can detect issues with deep insight and develop a clear plan to bring about the changes needed, in a manner everyone can understand. She does all this with poise, objectivity and a strong sense for the human element. Carolynne has the rare ability to blend business, process and people skills together to form an excellent package of overall effectiveness, and I am happy to recommend her to any organisation looking for significant improvement or complex change.” 

Mark Lewis, Transformational Coach, World vision International

“I have worked with Carolynne at General Motors and World Vision International for a number of years.

Carolynne is an excellent strategist and has a deep understanding of organisational development and change management. She utilises an extensive ‘tool kit’ in her practice, and her enthusiasm and passion is contagious.

Carolynne’s work is characterised by professionalism, innovation and hard work and she consistently challenges herself and others to achieve the highest possible standards.” 

Varvara Ioannou, Learning and Development Manager, Australia Post

Carolynne Wilson is one of the most talented and competent consultants that I have had the pleasure of working with. She combines a wonderful personality with a variety of complex tools and processes.    Her passion for making a difference coupled with her experience,  knowledge and multiple tools make her a well sought  consultant assisting organisations that undergo massive change. Carolynne is a great coach to others who are starting out a new business or come from underprivileged backgrounds. Her inclusive approach and sharing is remarkable.  She creates an environment of trust and has the ability to  build people’s confidence by bringing out the best in them.  I have no hesitation in recommending Carolynne.” 

Glenda Hutchinson, Director Design and Learning Methods, Melbourne Business School – Mt Eliza Executive Education

“I had the privilege of working with Carolynne on the International Organisation Development Association conference. She joined the team in the last few months before the conference, and brought some wonderful ideas into our planning processes. Further to that, she willingly engaged with her contacts to make some of the ideas come to life making a big difference to the overall feel and impact of the conference. It was a pleasure working with her.” 

Caroline Wagner, HR Manager, General Motors

“Carolynne is passionate about seeking the best outcomes for her customers. She is a skilled organisational development practitioner and a good team player.” 

Bill Bons, Manager Automotive Test Labs, GM Holden Ltd

“I have been privileged to work on a number of cross organisational teams facilitated by Carolynne. The workshops were particularly successful in identifying inter- department process improvements and in reducing time waste. Carolynne has excellent communication skills and readily achieved high levels of engagement from the cross functional teams.” 

Jaydeep Solanki, General Manager – Strategic Projects, GM Holden Ltd

“Carolynne is an exceptional HR professional, who is able to motivate large teams and influence their behaviours to deliver business results in a complex corporate environment. She enjoys working on new challanges, loves finding her way through unknown territories and provides clear direction to project team members on how to perform at the best of their ability.” 

Trevor Crapper, Purchasing Manager, BCA IT 

“Carolynne excelled in her position as National Quality Manager @ BCA IT & also as the P.A. to the Managing Director. To undertake dual roles was no mean feat & Carolynne took all this in her stride. Her attention to detail,working with a plethora of improvements to the QS & fielding requests via 250-300 staff was a remarkable effort. Carolynne remained unflappable during this period of change & was a great acquisition to the company. Cheers”